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Founded in 2014, when leading experts in the field of urban growth planning identified the need to  create a state-of-the-art technology for integrating and modeling large amounts of spatial, non-spatial, and client information.  Since then SDS has developed proprietary predictive models and applications using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to assess the influence of environmental, transportation, land use, economic, utility, and urban systems - only to name a few networks and systems.


Spatial Decision Systems (SDS) is a technology and services company whose network based metropolitan model is capable of correlating more than 10 urban and environmental systems to describe the patterns and dynamics of metropolitan growth (expansion phases) and declines (contraction phases).  By digitally describing the patterns and hierarchies of centers, corridors, and quadrants, SDS can provide clients a comprehensive and integrated systems framework for making informed investment decisions, thereby reducing risk and increasing the potential for success.

SDS technology is a dynamic tool that allows its clients to respond to changes within a local community, national, or global footprint and can anticipate where growth is likely to occur, providing a data-driven decision tool for informing infrastructure, real estate, and capital planning investments.