21 November 2016

SDS hires Aline Nascimento as a Cartographer

26 January 2015

NDOT - Nevada Freight project



-Custom Designed Real Estate Market Performance Modeling and Indicies

- Dynamic Urban Growth Modeling and Scenario Planning

-Infrastructure Investment Planning

About SDS

SDS is a technology company that has deep and functional real estate, urban planning and data analytics experience.   We take on immense challenges that matter to our clients.

SDS provides public and private organizations with a way to understand market and industry forces, competitive dynamics, and changes to the physical and economic environments in order to make challenging investment decisions.


SDS employees and board of advisors share a common passion for solving complex problems and have a drive to make a significant impact on the world.

Our Team

9 March 2015

SDS hires Dr. Jae Soen Son as a GIS Scientist

01 January 2017

Texas Health System 

24 August 2015

HNTB - Speedway project


16 January  2017

SDS hires Meijuan (May) Jia as a GIS Scientist

22 January  2017

SDS starts a partnership with ESRI

The Interaction Between Human Networks and Natural Systems Matter

2 February 2016

Grubb Properties - Charlotte office analysis project

The Human Network - cities, roads, utilities, and other constructed infrastructure elements and the Natural System - land, water, climate, flora, and fauna have become intertwined and interdependent.  The lines have blurred and their interactions are complex. Understanding the relationship between the Human Network and Natural System make it possible for us to create new ways of evaluating and prioritizing private and public investments and policy.

A new objectivity is created when multiple human networks and natural systems are evaluated  together.   A visual spatial language can be used and integrated into a single dynamic model allowing equity, debt, and regulatory investors to understand the relationships, impacts, and effects of key factors on market strength and asset performance.  We can see the centers and corridors of human movement and business growth and its intersect with natural systems and resources.  This technique allows us to create a new decision-making framework that is relevant to today's conditions and minimizes investment risk in the future.