Board of Advisors

Michael Gallis


Michael Gallis & Associates

Art Ringwald


Yanev Associates, LLC

Ted Rollins


Campus Crest Group


Liz Johnson

Ph.D. Candidate

Complexity Theory

The George Washington University

Christopher L. Reynolds

Co-Founder & Managing Director

China Fine Arts Partners

Dr. Jean-Claude Thill

Knight Foundation Distinguished Professor

Department of Geography And Earth Sciences

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Shao Wang

Managing Member

Lotus Investment Management

Widely considered one of the country's leading experts in large-scale metropolitan regional development strategies.  His firm pioneered a specialty in building frameworks through which public, private and institutional leaders have been mobilized to develop new ways of responding to the challenges and opportunities of states and regions in the 21st century.

Dr. Michael Flaxman - Technology - Partner SDS

Dr. Flaxman is a leader in the field of spatial planning technologies. He served on the faculties of Harvard, MIT, and the University of Oregon and was the industry manager at ESRI, the world's largest developer of GIS technology. Dr. Flaxman has been the founder of two GIS-related technology start-up companies.

Dr. Jae Soen Son - GIS Scientist - SDS
Dr. Son holds a Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina Charlotte specializing in geography and urban regional analysis. He is an expert in geospatial analysis, spatial modeling, network analysis, data management, cartography, and global city research. He was a research associate at GIS&T group in ORNL and Project Mosaic in UNCC. He has published peer-reviewed articles on characteristics of metropolis and new towns based on commuting trips and global city research based on quantitative analysis.

Aline Nascimento - Cartographer - SDS

Aline is a Civil Engineer with a Master in Civil Engineering and in Urban Design. She has experience in geospatial analysis, cartography, transportation,  zoning and urban planning/design. Her responsibilities include geodata analysis, designing maps, report preparation and client coordination. 

Managing Director

GongMeijuan (May) Jia - GIS Scientist - SDS
Meijuan Jia is graduated from the University of North Carolina - Charlotte with master degrees both in Geography and Statistics. She is an expert in land use modeling, mapping, geospatial analysis, spatial statistics, and parallel computing. She has published several peer-reviewed articles on spatial analysis and parallel computing.

Key Team Members